Archived Stories

(0) Through the Looking Glass (Magic_Fantasy)
The mirror was cool at touch, the silver ridges ever so grand and intricate. The reflection was clear and sharper than any blade. I made a face at the mirror, cartwheeled, yelled. I stopped as I realized my reflection was staring back at me, still as a statue. It had not moved and I was startled. The only hint of expression of my twin in the mirror, was a slight tilt at the eyebrows, showing a look of amusement and disgust. My face screwed up and my mouth opened to release a scream, but my mouth was clamped shut. A minute later, the surroundings became an inky black...
(1) Hidden (Magic_Fantasy)
Elisans, the hated race. That's what they were weren't they? Elm smiled sadly, eyes closed, fingers entwined around a blade of dew-soaked grass. Half elf to some, half human to others her kind was accepted by no one. This was life however and must be accepted.
(2) The Legend and Birth of Magic: (Magic_Fantasy)
In the Beginning There was only one magic force which was elemental magic and only 1 almight wizard by the name of the magical Merlin. There were other minor wizards and witches but not anywhere near as powerful as him. Unlike in the untrue stories Merlin did have children and others families had children as well. All os Merlin's children had the magical power that he has but one out of the 5 was more powerful than the rest. His name was Albus (Not Dumbledor). He processed the might and know how to create new spells or to alter the spells already know to this world. Unlike Albus Merlin had one child which was Black as the night. Her name was Matelda. She tryed to go aginst her brother and father. By this time her father (Merlin) was much to old to battle her and win.
(3) In The Day of The Marauders (Magic_Fantasy)
Lily Evans, age 15, walked into her dormitory where two other girls were talking. She had just gotten back from breakfast and had to tell someone about how annoyingly immature the Marauders, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, were being. "Lils, you look beat," said Jenny Martin, one of Lily's best friends. "What's wrong, Lily?" Donna Walters asked Lily. "Let me guess," Jenny said. "Marauders?" Lily nodded in response.
(4) Beneath The Waves > Goldfish (Interactive)
(5) The French Disaster (Modern_Life)
Last Monday night in Lyon, France, a group of the A.L.F. (Animaux Liberation Front) broke into a bio tech research lab called: Genie One. They smashed the equipment and cages, freed the animals and set off an explosive charge so that the building could never be used again for animal research. The dust cloud from the explosion began to drift slowly with the wind. Genie One had two main projects near completion:

1. The Artificial DNA Search System, this was totally synthetic DNA modeled from a computer who's function was to evolve new and interesting compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.

2. The Whole Body Gene Insertion Virus, this was a new type of virus that was going to be used to insert replacement genes into a human's body to repair genetic diseases.

In the explosion the two "creatures" were mixed together. The next day the members of A.L.F. got very sick, soon, the people of the city of Lyon all seemed to have a terrible cold and were sneezing all over the place. In class a day later, my students and I seemed fine, but that night I ran quite a fever. The next morning I woke up to the smell of French Fries. Where I had placed my slippers the night before were two bags of fries. I said: "How very curious!"
(6) Harry Potter and The Known Secret Of Magic (Harry_Potter)
David was a normal muggle. He had blonde hair and kept his head straight up through any challenge. He was short for his age. He was twelve, and despite how much he LOOKED bad, he had skipped a grade. He had lots of friends. He loved Kings cross train station more than any other local place. There was something he was desperate to find out about... "Hey, Davey," yelled the older tenth-grader bullies "Dare ya to go to Kings cross at night!"
(7) Ginnys Story (Harry_Potter)
Ron is my brother, who is the friend of the famous Harry Potter. Today is my first day at Hogwarts, I am so excited. I am right now on the Hogwarts express in the same carrige as Harry Potter. I can't wait to get to school. What will the sorting hat think of me?
(8) Ginny the... SLYTHERIN?! (Harry_Potter)
Ginny fidgeted nervously. Where were Ron and Harry? Were they okay? The sorting was about to begin and... she couldn't help giggling when she looked over at the Gryffindor table, where Fred and George were making faces at each other. Percy was sitting beside them, looking like he was going to whap one of them over the head with the Hogwarts, a History he was reading. The stern looking witch Ginny had seen earlier was walking forward with a frayed and beaten hat. It began to sing a song that told about the different houses. When it was her turn, she scrambled to the stool and put the hat on her head.
(9) Harry Potter...EXPELLED? (Harry_Potter)
"Harry, how could you?" Hermione cried. "You can't leave! You are the best wizard in the world!" Harry standed, looking up at Hermione's window at the HOGWARTS EXPRESS. Tears filled his eyes. He heard a voice behind him saying, "Come to us, boy!" It was the Dursleys. Each of them smiled. Harry obviously dispised when the dursleys smiled at him. When they smiled at him it meant something bad would happen. Harry Potter was to stay with the Dursleys... FOREVER! "Bonehead, wake up!" said Dudley. "I can't sleep! Give me your bed, or I'll pound you!" "That's my boy!" Vernon said at the door.
(10) The Little Rainbow Fish (Animated_Animals)
Hi! I am a rare species of fish. My mum is a purple fish while my dad is a yellow fish. I live in a small town call Rainbow Land. I have a lot of friends but one day a big bully came and destroy my little homeland. Everybody was afraid of him.
(11) What happened to me in 1951 (History_Fairy_Tales)
Today was my first day of second grade...I think it's horrible! I am Meling Shu. I am an immigrant from San Dong, China. I moved here July 20,1951. I am seven years old and I was born May 29,1944-it is now September 10,1951. My Father got transported here, that is the only reason we moved. We is my Mother, Father ,and I. Today was my first day to ever talk to a white man by myself. I don't understand. Everyone laughs, points, makes fun of, and ignored me! But why am I so different? Why am I not liked? I want to move back home! I don't like it here! I want to move back...
(12) Cursed For Life! (History_Fairy_Tales)
One day a boy named James was done finishing a fairy tale history book.Wow that book was cool!said James.Then a girl appered and walked over to James.James looked behind him.Oh its just you Jessica.said James.I thought you were Brad.said James.Weres Jack?said James.In science class.said Jessica.What book did you read?said Jessica.A history book,Its about one day a boy named tom went to this secret room and he found a treasure chest and he opend it and a man appered and casted a spell on tom and then tom was cursed for life and tom fainted.The next day he went to school and then he got juice spilt on his shirt and got an "F" in science and tripped on his shoe lacess and wen he was choeing gum he spitted it out and fliked it to the garbage. But he missed the shot and the gum landed in Judy's hair.said James.That sounds like a very interesting book James! said Jessica.I wish I was their to she the scene.said James.Well that book is just a fairy tail.said Jessica.Well to me it isint.said James.C" mon James, you take almost every book so serious and you think its real like the book called "Harry Potter",Heidi,The hobbit,snow white, and sleeping beauty.said Jessica.
(13) Quirrel Returns (Harry_Potter)
"Hello I will be your new potions teacher" said a deep voice all the children were comfused "and I would like to be called by prof. Quirrel" all the children gasped then Ron leaned over to Harry "He doesn't stutter" said Ron and amazment "I know that is odd" replyed Harry "Now let's begin class" said Quirrel and they began class when class was out Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to eat.
(14) Harry and Cho (Harry_Potter)
"Oh my god,where is it..." said Harry.Searching his bag for something in the library."What?" Hermione ask."My quill," Harry replied."Well,you must have dropped it somewhere." Ron said. Suddenly, there's a voice behind them, "Excuse me". Harry turn. It was a girl."Is this your quill? I found it on my way to come here." the girl said. "Yeah...yeah it's mine.Thank you," Harry said.Nervously.The girl smiled."I'm Cho...Cho Chang and you're Harry,right?" she said."Yeah.."replied Harry."Nice to meet you" she said again."Emm...same to you" said Harry.Blushing.Cho went back to her friends."She's hot" Ron whispered to Harry."Yeah...very pretty..." Harry said not taking his eyes away from the girl.
(15) Harry's 5th Year (Harry_Potter)
Harry was at Hogwarts finally after a whole summer with the dursleys. He felt soo at home there. Suddenly he heard arguing and screaming going on. He peeked outside his bedroom and saw ron and hermoine, both red faced, yelling. HERMOINE! I HATE YOU! WELL GUESS WHAT RONALD WEASLY, I DO TO! Harry came out of the bedroom puzzled. Why are you fighting? he said. BECAUSE LITTLE MISS PREFECT(SHUTUP RONALD!) TOOK HOUSE POINTS AWAY FROM GRYFFENDOR! I DID IT WEASLY, (SHE SOUNDED LIKE DRACO AS HARRY WINCED) BECAUSE SOME PRANKSTERS WERE UP TO NO GOOD! Why don't you.... SHUTUP HARRY!" they both yelled. okay okay! Harry said.
(16) Murder @ Midnight (Mystery_Adventure)
At a shooting party in November of 1932, Sir John William of Lickstenstien, was muredered at midnight. Inspector Thompson arrived after the 13 guests were alerted by Sir John's sister-in-law's scream when she left to arouse Sir William. The servants as well as the house guests are not allowed to leave, as it had to be one of them since there was no sign of a break in. The elderly man was stabbed, but for no apparent reason. All guests are wealthy enough, so they had no reason to kill him for his money (Sir John William was a wealthy man), yet all seem to have a secret to hide.
(17) Lily Evans' 1st day at Hogwarts (Harry_Potter)
Lily Evans was on the Hogwarts Express she was finding a seat "Excuse me" said Lily "may i sit here?" the boy sitting gladly said: 'sure' she sat down "i'm Lily Evens" she said "oh i'm Jamie Potter-- my real name is James but call me Jamie" Lily nodded the trolley lady came... "Candy?" she Asked "no" said Jamie "i'll take some!" said Lily...
(18) Final Fantasy 9 (Magic_Fantasy)
Garnet glanced closely at the man who was about to become her husband. He grinned back at her, and stared deep into her emerald-green eyes. Sloppy or what?
(19) Complications (Harry_Potter)
Harry had been sitting all day on his fourposter in his new dormitry. He was now in Grade five at Hogwarts school at Witchcraft and wizardry. Anyway, he was sitting with his head in his knees, pulling hard on his hair. "Why did I have to go and shout at her? Why?" Harry chanted to himself. He had just the other night shouted at Ginny for slapping Ron, but Ron had hit her, first. That caused Ginny to run off crying, Hermione to not talk to Harry, and Ron to glare at him for shouting at his sister. He had known why Ginny had run off crying. She had strong feelings for Harry, like a huge crush. And Harry felt allmost the same for her, secretly. Though Hermione and Ron knew his feelings for her, and that's why they were so angry at him. If only Ginny knew. He'd have to tell her some day, he couldn't stand it if he didn't. Plus, she looked so much like his dead mother.
(20) Harry and Hermione or Ron and Hermione? (Harry_Potter)
Hermione has liked Harry for so long now that she can't hold it moch longer this 5th year she's going to tell him. Ron has liked Hermione for so long now that he can't hold it in anymore. This 5th year he's going to tell her.
(21) legend hunter (Mystery_Adventure)

"please mr Wallace,run the test again". "Look Iam very sorry,but I simply can not do that"."But mr-" "how many times do I have to tell you Russell ?,if you whant to be an archeologyst you have to prove yourself some other way".

Russell was a student at a college in London ,he was twenty years old and had just taken his tests to be an archeologyst and had failed them . Ever since he was a boy he had whanted to be an archeologyst, and now his only chance had gone,or so he thought .

Russell walked miserably home that evening, it was raining and the sky was dark. Down the streets he whent,untill he came to a newspaper shop, he opend the door and stepped in. The shop smelt of fresh paper as it always did, there were huge shelves that displayed the newspapers and a tiny counter at which a small plump man was sat, reading a newspaper "funny thing that stone henge, isn't it ?" said the man holding up the newspaper he was reading to russells eyes, the headline read :MYSTERIOUS INSCRIPTIONS AT STONE HENGE.
(22) What Happened When they grew up? (Harry_Potter)
Harry was now 20 and living a happy life with Cho while his best friend Ron was living a happy life for Hermione(I know that's a little young, but they're wizards). Harry was an auror and Ron was in charge of the Ministry Of Magic. They're lives were perfect until...
(23) A Real Life Story (Modern_Life)
All right this is a real story.It began in a little city in which I shall leave nameless.In the city lived a boy.The boy grew up without a mother and was raised by his father and grandfather.One day,a girl who commited a crime came over to hide at the boy's house.The boy was told by the girl that she was being chased by an escapee from a prison from a near by city.The boy believed her,but the girl was lying.A cop knocked on the boy's door and asked the boy if he had seen a girl that looked like the picture in his hand.The boy answered hesitantly and his reply was...."no."
(24) Mitr's Mynah (Mystery_Adventure)
Whether it was because I was curious by nature, or bored by everything else around me, I'd always choose two days out of the week to visit Mitr. Mitr was no longer in his youth, probably about 51 years older than me, and lived at the edge of town in his book shop. It was a big book shop for sure, but never clean and almost always littered with those little white cartons of chinese take-out. He was quite amusing with the longest white beard and a thick, bushy unibrow. His beloved mynah was always at his side. So on that one frosty Monday morning when I entered Mitr's home, I was most surprised to be greeted by such silence. Mynah was missing, and Mitr didn't seem to care, collapsed in his faded couch. He wore a blank expression, and as I neared him, he seemed not to have heard. 'Mitr?' I whispered softly. He didn't reply, so I placed a hand on his shoulder to alert him. I immediately withdrew my hand, though, for his shoulder was ice-cold. I took a step back, terribly shaken, when I saw that he had a sheet of paper clutched in his right hand. Gently, I eased the crumpled sheet from his hand. It read : FIND MYNAH
(25) Into a New Land (Magic_Fantasy)
Susan was a young girl who lived in a small community, out in the forest. Her family owned an apple orchard, which was just beginning to bloom, since it was springtime. One afternoon, Susan went to play in the yard. She was wearing a nice, light spring dress, as she skipped among the large trees, which were beside the apple trees. As she watched a little ladybug crawl up the trunk of one of the trees, she noticed something. It looked like a small door. Carefully, Susan touched the imaginary wooden door. In a quick moment, Susan found herself in a new land. She was surrounded by butterflies, and bush. The sun was shining brightly onto the wonderful new world. Then, she heard a tiny rustle from the bushes.
(26) Ron's New Love (Harry_Potter)
In the morning at breakfast when every body was in the great hall Dumbledore stood up and said"every one can I get your attention please? I have one announcement before we start our day well we have just been sent a foreign exchange student from America her name is Erica Barron."And with that the bloody Barron came in through the wall and said"did any one say Erica Barron that's my grate great grate great, great, great, great grand daughter..."well as I was saying here's a picture of her." The picture showed a photo of the ugliest girl they had ever seen. Then Dumbledore said"who would like to show her around" and in less than a second Hermione hand shot up Harry slightly frowned at her. Then a curtain came from the door and stood next to Hermione and in five seconds it dropped there stood the most beautiful girl Harry had ever seen she had bright purple eyes and long brow hair. She stared down at Hermione and said "Hey i'm Erica nice to meet you." in the most beautiful voice.
(27) Harrry Potter and the magic of the heart fruit (Harry_Potter)
Harry sat in griff and hated his life. He wished that Hermione would marry him or alest go out with him. He sighed and looked around the commen room. No one. He stood up and headed to the door. "how can I get hermione to fall in love with me?? harry wondered. As he was thinking his eyes grew big. He had an idea!
(28) What Happens When They Grow Up? (#2) (Harry_Potter)
"Honey, I'm Hooooooooooome!" said Harry to his new-found love, Hermione. " Yeay! Guess what Harry? Your old friend Ron left his number for you to call him, after all, we are 24 now and you havent seen eachother since graduation!! Harry got an uneasy feeling in his stomache. "I-I can't." "But why" "I just can't" said Harry as he cut off Hermione, and stomped out of the room. Ron waited quietly for his old Hogwarts friend to call. "I can't wait to see Harry again he said happily. Although I wonder why Hermione answered the phone. I called Harry's house. "Ooooooh! Sometimes I can't stand you Harry! Why can't we just invite Ron over!" "Because he doesn't know were married!!" Harry blasted,"And he used to like you , but you were to busy with me, and he thought that gettin us all together he might be able to get with you!!" " He'd kill me if he knew we were married AND you are pregnant with MY baby!" "Uh oh" Hermione saide timidly " I already invited him over"
(29) The Love Potion (Harry_Potter)
Harry Ron and Hermione went to the GreatHall to eat lunch.Hermione chewed on corn and so did Ron.Meanwile Harry was thinking if a way to get Hermione as his girlfriend.Harry asked Neville.But what does he know?'No I don't know a thing.'Neville said.'Know what?'Ron said as he cut in.'How to get Hermione to be Harry's girlfriend.'Neville said.Harry gasped and put his hand on his scar and shook his head.'Ooops I don't think I should have said that!'Neville said.'What?!'Ron said as he laughed.Ron chuckled.'I'm serious.'said Harry.Ron stopped laughing and paused.'You like her?'Ron asked.'The only problem is to get her to notice me.'Harry said as he took a bite out of his turkey leg.'Well....'Ron said.'Oh I don't know.' Harry shook his head.Malfoy soon apeared.'So Potter you like Granger?I can help you to make that potion of yours.'said Malfoy.Ron looked at Harry.'What's going on?'Hermione asked.'Well Potter want's a spell to make you....(Ron covered his mouth.Malfoy stopped.'Nothing.'Malfoy said.Malfoy took Harry to a empty seat at the Slyrtherin table and told him how to make the potion.When It was potions Harry and Malfoy were together.Planning how to make the juice.'Harry is eith Malfoy today.But he never does that!'Ron said to Hermione.'Maybe he just wanted to talk you know things change.'Hermione answered.That lesson Harry got more points than usal.More than Hermione!Malfoy and Harry asked to use the equiment for the juice.Snape said yes.Because of Malfoy.In between the Charms and DefenceAgainst the Dark Arts class Harry and Malfoy made the potion.'I've got it!'Harry said.Harry started to explain to Malfoy as if he were Albert Instein.Harry and Malfoy were going to put it into Hermione's cup at dinner.When Dinner came Harry had the bottle filled with the ptoin.'Harry what's that?'Hermione asked as she pointed to the bottle.'Oh just a little goodluck charm.'Harry lied.Malfoy wispered,'Harry on the count of 3 then pour it in!Okay?'Malfoy said.'Okay.'Harry answered.'1......2.....3....!'Malfoy said.Harry poared it in when no one was looking.'Harry what are you doing?'Hermione asked.'Oh nothing.'Harry said as he stacked away the bottle in his cloak pocket.'GOODLUCK!'Malfoy said.'What did he say?'Ron asked.'Nothing.'Harry replied.'What's gotten into you?'Hermione asked as she reached for her cup.Harry saw her pick up the cup and put it in her mouth.Harry crossed his fingers.Soon Hermione was done with it and put the cup down.
(30) Always read the small print (Mystery_Adventure)
I had moved to texas only 2 hours ago but I was already bored idecided to go to the park (i had spotted it earlier)When I got there I spoted a big notice it read PARK OPEN 24 HOURS there was some smaller writing but I didn't read it...
(31) Mary Bloody Mary (Magic_Fantasy)
Mary went to a store and bought a doll. It was pretty, but for some reason it had creepy red eyes. But she shrugged and bought it. She brought it home and went to bed. But in the middle of the night she heard a high pitched little voice whisper: "Mary, Mary, I'm going to kill your mom". Mary thought she was having some wierd nightmare. She went back to bed. But in the morning nobody could find her mom...
(32) My Life is ... (Modern_Life)
Write a paragraph about your life. Where do you live? Who are your friends? What is school like?
(33) Whats wrong with Hermione? (Harry_Potter)
Ron,Harry and Hermione met in the library to practice snapes quiz about potions and books.How come your not reading Hermione?, weve got to practice the quiz.said Harry. I just dont feel like reading today thats all.said Hermione.Whats wrong?said Ron.Nothing.said Hermione.Well this morning you didnt want to eat and you didnt write in your diary in the common room today and didnt want to read!said Harry.I DONT KNOW!can you just leave me alone!said Hermione.Im going to sit with Neville and Ginny.said Hermione.She went were Neville and Ginny were sitting.
(34) Harry Potter And The Forest Of Darkness (Harry_Potter)
"he will not interfere"said the voice of lord voldemort the wizard feared above all.Harry looked around him he was in a forest of some kind. darkness sorounded him he could not see a thing. "the witch is secure will she go along with our bargin?" "yes master said wormtail. "she will be prepared to sacrafice her freedom for potter!?" wormtail nodded. "true love! ha! miss granger will be mine and the famous harry potter can do nothing about it! harry woke with a start he stood up and told himself over and over again in his head that it was just a dream. he was told by sirius that if he had a dream like the one he had in fourth year to tell dumbledore. He sat down and began the letter,
(35) Abby And The Night Sky Of Stars (Magic_Fantasy)
Once on a cold summer day, a young girl was looking around the night sky,looking for one star in particular. "I found the little dipper, but where's the big dipper? "Abby asked. There was a knock on the door. "Abby please go to sleep. It's 3 in the morning. "Her mother said as she approached the door and opened it. Abby gasped and ran to her bed. She went into bed right before her mother came in the cold drifted room. "Abby-,ahh she's a sleep. "Nancy (Abby's mother) said as she looked in to Abby's closed eyes. "Better keep the window closed, it's getting cold. "Nancy said as she jogged to the window and closed it. "Night Abby."Nancy said.She went out the door. Abby got out of bed and opened the window to see the stars. "Now were are the twins as well?"Abby asked. She looked around the sky untill she saw one that was heading right at her house. Abby screamed and paused there. It was getting really close to the telephone pole unill...
(36) I Am A Pirate (Mystery_Adventure)
I didn't know better then. As soon as I heard the words 'money' and 'adventure', I was all for it. My mother tried to explain that a pirate did not earn money and was not quite the hero I had imagined, but I didn't listen. I grabbed the few belongings I had, and boarded the ship named the Jolly Roger...
(37) When Whites And Blacks Attack Again (History_Fairy_Tales)
On a cold and wintery day a boy in hi 20's entered the bus. He put $0.25 in the slot and walked towards the back. There were three men just sittin' there talking to eacother. 'Hey Rob!' A man in back of him said. Rob turned around and tillted his hat towards the man better known as his friend and then walked toward him. He sat down next to him. 'Hey Bob,heading to Boston to?Rob asked. 'Yup,' Bob said. 'Oh sorry to say this but this spot is taken. 'Bob said.' OH sorry,well take care!' Rob said as he walked toward the back. 'Take care!' Bob said. He sat next to a white man. 'Hey there.' Rob said. 'I'm gong to Boston and you?' The man turned to him and yelled at him. 'I AM NOT IN THE MOOD COLORED MAN! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! OH BUS DRIVER?!!!!!' Rob backed away. The bus stopped and the driver marched to the seat were the man and Rob were sitting. 'IS THERE ANY PROBLEM?!' he yelled. Rob looked at Bob who was starring at him.
(38) The Eleventh Clone (Mystery_Adventure)
That was what Dr. Hardy Wheel did. He made clones. He had made ten clones so far, all girls. Identical as ever. It was when he wanted to make the eleventh clone when the accident happened. He wanted to add more things into the eleventh clone. Better than all the rest. He suceeded to make it, just before he died. His lab exploded. All the other scientists got the clones out. Including the eleventh clone. Dr. Wheel was burnt into ashes. Nobosy could save him. And it was all because of me, the eleventh clone. If he only made ten and retire quickly, he wouldn't get hurt. That's right. He insisted on making me, the most special before retiring. Me and my other clones were seperated into different families. I was adopted by Dr. Wheel's best pal, Dr. Roy Marshall. I was told the secret, but I cannot reveal it.

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(39) Hermione's Problem (Harry_Potter)
It was the first day back at Hogwarts and Harry, Ron, and Hermione were eating dinner in the Great Hall, catching up on their summer. Harry and noticed that Hermione had gotten a lot thinner. He also noticed that she wasn't eating much. "MMM," Harry said, "Yuummmm, chicken..." as he held a chicken leg in front of her face. Hermione smled a thin liped smile. "Thanks anyway Harry, I don't want any," she said as she picked at her salad and ranch dressing. When Ron tried to comment, Hermione shot him a sharp look that clearly said, "Leave-Me-Alone"
(40) Which Witch? (Magic_Fantasy)
One day there was a witch. She had nine other sisters and one brother. The lived in a desk drawer, so it was pretty crouded. She wanted to cast the entire world into darkness with a new spell she had just invented. It was going to make the sun turn black, so nobody would be able to see. Imagine the chaos it would cause? People all over the world would be stumbling around in the dark, not knowing where to go. The only problem with her ingenius evil plot was...
(41) Mother Of Christ (Mystery_Adventure)
There was a sudden scream in the kitchen as tweleve year old Stacy Michell walked into her mothers closet. She hurried down the stairs and to the kitchen but it was to late her older sister was standing over her mother bloody body which was lying on the floor. The scream had come from her sister when she saw her mother with the butchers knife in her hand. "Your mothers dead now," Stacy thought, while feeling shock, anger, and fear all at the same time. "Now what?" her sister said "We call the police and tell them everything1" Stacy replied.
(42) Clara oh Clara (Mystery_Adventure)
Once there was a little girl named Daisy,who was just walking around the yard.It was snowing out side.She was playing in the snow untill a cold drift hit her spine.She shivered and turned around,nothing.Her sister Clara was playing with the snow as well.Not looking at what Daisy was staring at.Daisy went back to make a snow angel.Something then like a gust of wind hit and punched Daisy's stomach.She got a snowball on her face as she rose."Hey who threw that?!"Daisy said as she chuckled and giggled.She turned to Clara.She was lying on the grond,spread and fanned out like a angel."Here let me help you make a snow angel.Want me to help?"Daisy asked.Clara didn't answer."Clara!"Daisy said as she crawled to Clara."Here it's like this moove please."Daisy said."Moove please."Daisy said."Moove please!"Daisy repeated.Clara didn't move not even one inch."Here."Daisy said as she rolled Clara over.As soon as she rolled her over she saw yucky red stuff on her back."It might be the ice cream you ate.I told you not to pring it at play."Daisy said.Daisy rolled her even more.Daisy saw blood on her back,she had just relized it."CLARA!CKARA!CLARA!"Daisy screamed.She turned her on her front side.Her eyes were wide open."Oh I get it now your playing dead!Want to have a staring compitition?"Daisy asked.Clara didn't say anything."CLARA!"Daisy yelled even louder.She felt her cold face.It was pale.And she felt her hands.Daisy picked a arm up and let it go.Didn't moove."CLARA!NOOO!"Daisy said as she ran to the house crying her eyes out.
(43) Hermione a princess? (Harry_Potter)
Harry Ron and Hermione were on there way to the Great Hall.AS soon as they got there Albus Dumlbedor the Head Master of Hogwarts was there,standing up from his chair."I have an ergent message."Dubledor said.Everyone sat down."I hope It's Chockolate frog day."Ron said."Ahem."Dumbledor said."QUIET!YOU CAN LOOSE HOSE POINTS YOU KNOW!"Snape cried out.The room went silent."There has been a message that all of the worriers and princesses,princes,and dutches of Hogwarts would please be able to go to Ireland.A sertain king needs you.When I call out your names you will be standing on the left hand side of the hall."Dumbledor said."Chos is a princess!"Harry said."Harry!"Hermione said."Sorry but to me she is."Harry said as Ron chuckled.Hermione turned her head foward toward Albus."Hermione Granger,a princess."Dumbledor said."WHAT??????"Hermione yelled.Harry and Ron pushed their chairs away from her.
(44) The Kiss (Harry_Potter)
Kisses are usually ment to mean something to most people. Including Harry. He wasn't one to give them out to just anyone. He was waiting for the perfect girl. The one he could accually get into a serious relationship with. Yah yah, he wanted to get with a girl like Cho. But he didn't really know her. He was just going based on looks. Deep down he wanted the perfect girl.
(45) His Parents (Harry_Potter)
Lily Waters boarded the Hogwarts Express, eyes sparkling, hair wind blown. Lily trembled; it would be her first year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and she hoped she would not disappoint her parents. She may of been quiet and shy now, but sooner or later, that crazy part would break loose. Lily Waters could be wild, mischevious and everything else. What got her started was when a boy by the name of James, James Potter hurtled into her...
(46) If at first you don't succeed try try again. (Modern_Life)
"Alan come away, killing yourself isn't the answer." I said quirkily, Alan had been my boyfriend for 3 months and now he was going to jump off a building. " Alan don't do it please, plese think about what you are doing." " DON'T COME ANY NEARER OF I'LL DO IT, I'LL JUMP" " No Alan don't, I, I,I, I LOVE YOU! " You do?" Alan started to walk away from the edge, but slipped in a puddle, there was an almighty crack as Alan hit his head on the side of the building and fell, fell, fell. I rushed to the edge, "ALAN!"...
(47) The Sane Pyscho (Mystery_Adventure)
I escaped. Finally, I had rescued my self from that concealed hell! Those people, they dont know me. They just say I am crazy 'cause I'm different. And whenever I try to tell them there wrong, they take a needle and boom! before I know it I am in a straightjacket in one big pillow room. My power... it drives them insane... but why... I'm no different... Wait! I forgot ... her... how stupid! How Ironic? I'm running back to the living hell!
(48) Annabell Lee (Magic_Fantasy)
At a time long ago in a kingdom by the sea,lived a maiden there whom you may know by the name of Annabell Lee.~~~~"Anna,you of all people should know what the cost of such an act of disobediance would cost to the kingdom.You have an obligation,you owe the old ones.."he was inturupted abrutly as the red haired beauty lost her temper for the first time in the meeting,"What.I owe them,what may I ask do I owe them.I will tell u,nothing.I owe them nothing.They, my dear sweet Tamasino,owe their loyalty to ME.I have given up everything.They have given me thier price,and for this I am willing to pay it.It is time i left this place so they will know the what it will cost to have me as an enemy."Her green eyes sparckeled with mingled pain and anger.And Tamasino knew that the old ones and everyone else disereved for what they did they had done to her.He looked at the blood that welled up from her lip and cheekbone,the new bruises that were forming on her beautiful face and throut.He squared his shoulders and said"Fine Anna,if u must go thenI go with you"she looked at him for a moment,and nodded,"Alright,then tonight we set out for the land of Morran,we head for the isle of men."
(49) You've got mail (loading message) (Mystery_Adventure)
One day a boy named Jake was out in the city.He was a NY detective.He had a blue notepad and a crooked old pencil in his hand.He jotted some notes down as he looked closely to the people who passed him.He was also a book writer.He turned to the corner and saw nothing.He took his laptop out of his rather large pocket and started to type in his computer ized notepad.He checked his mail and nothing.But later on that day he got mail.And blackmail as well.
(50) The Falconer Student (Magic_Fantasy)
The old,old man peered out the window. He was curious, for there had been a commotion earlier. However, all he could see was a man, old like himself. The man carried a baby. the old man opened the door and invited him in . The man smiled and and said "Please raise the baby"and than he left.
(51) Beyond the Darkness (Magic_Fantasy)
Tree's burned,ashes flew in the sky across the smoke and onto the ground. Orcs sprinted on the dirt stone path threw the dark woods of Arkina. They reached the village Springwood. Orcs fell to there graves as Elven arrowes flew into the air catching into the Orcish flesh. The Orcs charged on into the village metting an army of hundreds. ''Fire!'' a Elven commander yelled as the Orcs came up into the entrance of the village. More arrows flew going into the Orcs flesh. ''Kill them all!'' yelled an Orc. White paint slid on his cheeks as heavy armor covered his body. The Orcs ran but met knight's on horses. ''Aridie behing you!' yelled an elven archer. Aridie turned around just as a Orc blade cut into his flesh. He yelled but took the pain with anger swinging his blade into the Orcs head. Just as Aridie swung his blade into another Orc Zuijin as they called this foul Orc his Aridie with his axe just cutting his arm off Aridie fell to the ground blood ozzed down his arm. The commanding Orc Zuijin stept on Aridie crushing him. Aridie grabbed a little knife stabbing into the Orcs heart just as it bent over to do the final blow. They had one the battle and burned the Orcs buddies that night. As for Aridie he died of the wound a month later they burried him in the courtyard but they would never foreget the brave heroes deeds.
(52) Jealousy (Harry_Potter)
Hermoine brushed several strands of long, dark hair behind her ears, and flashed a smile at Ron. "What do you think?" She turned from the mirror. "You look...gorgeous!" Ron sputtered. He felt his cheeks burn, and quickly covered his face with his hands. "Thanks Ron. But do you think HARRY will like it?" Ron suddenly became stiff. So it was because of Harry, huh? "Yes, Hermoine. Of course he'll like it," he stalked out the common room, but not before adding one final comment, "but do you think that'll do against CHO?!"
(53) the last year together! (Harry_Potter)
"As we go on, we remember, all the times weve, had together. And as our lives change..." "CUT! No, no, no! You need more emotion my dear!" L, as her friends called her, was going to Hogwarts that year to sing for their graduation. She continued trying over and over again waiting for the day she would be back at Hogwarts.Little did she know she had fans at Hogwarts fans who had the names of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Harry, and Ron sat there playing Wizard Chess that dark,cold,night. They couldnt wait till Graduation Day to come. That day would be the best days of their lives because they were gonna follow in Rons older brothers Fred and Goerges footsteps, you know blow up a toilet seat, a statue, Filtch and Mrs. Norris... It was going to be the best days of their lives!
(54) Harry potter and the princess of justice (Harry_Potter)
Harry had just started his 7th year at hogwarts and as he looked out across the grounds an remembered all the friends he has made since first year and also those who he had lost. harrys thoughts travelled to hermione how beutiful she was and how she made his world complete. there was on complication she had no clue how he felt. Harry its three in the morning go to bed!ron complained. Ron, harrys best friend, had no clue but harry felt a surge of guilt every time ron spoke to him it was harrys fault ginny had died last year, or thats how harry thought.
(55) Harry Potter and the future Mrs.Potter (Harry_Potter)
"Cho asked me out again" sighed Harry, "But I thought you liked Cho?" asked Ron. "Yeah I do...but I think I like... Hermoine, Parvati Patil, Lavander Brown and maybe even...Ginny
(56) One Lucky Dog (Modern_Life)
One day a Black Lab named Midnight was on a walk with his owner Katlin Love. The next thing he knows Katlin was being forced into a big black truck!!! Midnight tries to help, he attacks the huge man but is kicked in the nose!!
(57) The Three Kings (Magic_Fantasy)
The last of the men slowly rose to there feet staring out, over the hills of Zi, once green and lush, now a battlefield, bodies lay dead everywhere, the green was now red with the blood of thousands. Swords, spears and shields lay unwielded, only the unlucky ones could look upon the massacre thats was layed out before them. The survivors, covered in blood, slowly made there way through the bodies, checking for a sign of hope that someone else was alive, but none were, the few remaining survivors of the once proud Selti army, slowly made there way from the massacre, the Days of the conquering Nordi had begun and the last three kings had maded there choice.
(58) What if the Dinosaurs.... (Animated_Animals)
What if the Dinosaurs still ruled our land on America? where would we find them? Would they be big or small? and would there be people living? Wake up Tarah! wake up! said Tarah's grandfather. What is it? said Tarah. A discoveor has found our land! said The grand father. Tarah and the grandfather whernet the only people living but only 10,000 people live their. This place was lockated West of America called Monerocco. Tarah quickly put on her jacket and shoes and whent out of her house. Tarah quickly when out of the car. Has Keeliee [Ke -short e and lee. lee short e] been hurt? said Tarah. Shes beeen hurt! said Olieo. I have seen this place and going back to Ameruca! said the discover person. No you can't! said Tarah.Don't hurt any of these dino saurs! said Tarah pettinge her dinosaur called...well..Long neck.
(59) Please Love Me (Modern_Life)
I was sitting on the roof. Cold, I wanted to go inside, but something was stopping me. I was too hurt to go inside, not exactly physically, but mentally. I was slapped by the one person who I cared for more than anything in the world and I thought he knew that. Sure, I was kind of fighting with a friend of his(it was a girl, but he didn't like her like that), but he didn't have to go there. I wasn't going to really her hurt too much-I just wanted to scare her and protect him at the same time. This roof doesn't help much either, but I have no where else to go. What? I sense somebody behind me. Who's that? Oh,it's him. I'm sure he's going to apologize-he has a really kind, pure heart. Oh, how I love him.
(60) The Four Marauders (Harry_Potter)
James Potter stuck his head out of the Hogwarts Expres, craning and squinting at the crowd. "Looking for someone?" James spun aound. A handsome boy with short, neat black hair and twinkling blue eyes had stepped into the carriage. "Sirius!" James yelled and threw his arms around the newcomer. "How were you're holidays?" Sirius grinned "Fine. At least muggle school's finished now. Can't wait to have some fun at Hogwarts." They peered out the window. A tired looking boy was being hugged by his crying mother. He was quite handome and had light brown hair and amber eyes. His father rumpled the boy's hair and the boy went out of view as he stepped onto the train. James and Sirius glanced at each other and grinned. TH=hey threw open the door of their compartment and welcomed the boy in.
(61) The Archives of Rita Skeeter (Harry_Potter)
As you know,I'm Rita Skeeter and I am or was, a reporter of the Daily Prophet. Before I was forbidden to write anything well, that was not strictly true, I did write several papers on Harry's well, adventures and recent, erm, happenings of his. Now I am fired from the Daily Prophet and I collect my various writings together in order to from "The Archives of Rita Skeeter." Note: This includes her writing in the Quibbler as well as her of other writings not strictly related to Harry Potter.
(62) Willow Island: A Horse Story (Harry_Potter)
Unknown to all, until that fateful day in July, was a kingdom all it's own. A kingdom that belonged completely to the graceful creatures we know as horses. It was on an uncharted, yet large and beautiful island, full of weeping willow trees, which earned it it's magical name: Willow Island. There was a powerful leader, the stallion Ferdinand. There were other stallions too, but none like him. And, as you read on, you shall find out about all the rest, his favourite mare, their playful daughter, her friend Hector, and the terrible trouble that builds up throughout the story. Yet, do not despair, for every story has good times.