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Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand
My name is Artie Knapp and I am a children's author in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of my published children's books on stuttering is now being offered as a free audio book for kids. Here's a brief synopsis of the book, and a direct link where it can be downloaded for free. Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand - teased and bullied about his stuttering, Stanley the squirrel refuses to let on that his feelings are being hurt, until one day he learns an important lesson from a new friend.

Grandma, Tell Me A Story
Grandma Tell Me A Story is a website for children where Parents and teachers can download the story audios and pdfs (for a small fee) so a child can read along. In addition to the stories each pdf includes learning activities, fun projects and curriculum ideas. also has an art gallery where they can see their illustrations to the stories on line.

Julia Cook, Children's Book Author
Julia Cook is an author of children's books as well as a former teacher and guidance counselor. Her books deal with issues that confront children such as bullying, teaching self-control, and sexual abuse. Her website has previews of her books and links to purchase them.