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The Wolf's Side of Little Red Riding Hood

by Kelly Sagar, Age 10

From Baker Books Short Story Contest

Hi, I'm the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, Well, I'm here to tell you the real story of Little Red Riding Hood. It starts like this.

I heard that Little Red Riding Hood's granny was sick so I decided to make her a cake.

I went home and looked in the cupboard for cake mix, I had cake mix. I looked at the ingredients, two eggs and water. I went to the refrigerator to see if I had eggs. No eggs! That meant I had to go to the store to get eggs and I knew I had water so I didn't have to get that. I got the eggs and went home to bake the cake. When I got home I baked it. (It was chocolate flavored cake).

When I was done baking it went to Little Red Riding Hood's Granny's house. Guess who I saw on my way, Little Red Riding Hood. She had forgotten the way to Granny's house. As you know she probably asked me which way to get to Granny's house, well she did all right?

So I showed her a shortcut that really was a shortcut. I even took it too. But since she ran so fast, she beat me to Granny's. When I knocked on the door Granny opened it. She was so scared she fainted and my mouth was open because I was shocked. She fell into my mouth and then Little Red Riding Hood slapped me because I scared her granny. But since she slapped me, I swallowed Granny! Then Little Red Riding Hood knocked me unconscious.

When I woke up I was in the emergency room with Granny and Little Red Riding Hood looking down on me accusing me that it was all my fault for something Little Red Riding Hood did. Even worse my stomach was aching. So I looked down and saw seven stitches in my stomach. You know seven is a lucky number. It is so lucky that I got to go to court and sue Little Red Riding Hood. I got to keep the cake too, and eat it!

So, How did you like my true side of Little Red Riding Hood?

The End!