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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were the first people to publish the story of a little girl who was almost eaten by a wolf. They called their story Little Red Cap. Jacob was born in 1785 and Wilhelm in 1786 in Hanau, Germany to Philip Grimm, a lawyer, and his wife Dorothea Zimmer. Jacob and Wilhelm both studied law in University but took on jobs as Librarians to support their younger siblings (brothers and sisters). Influenced by the folk poetry of their time, they began to collect folktales. In 1812, they published a book called Children's and household tales, a collection of 86 folktales including little Red Cap. Thus Jacob and Wilhelm started their prolific careers writing books about folktales, German legends, Irish fairy tales, and German mythology. They even published a dictionary and a book on grammar. If you would like to learn out more about Jacob and Wilhelm or read some of their other fairy tales, follow the link at the end of this presentation to the Grimm Brothers' Home Page.

Host: kyle hicks macdonald
Narrator: fred j dobbs
Illustrations: ps luo
Original story:the brothers Grimm