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So, how does it end?


So, in our story, Grandma returns home in the nick of time to save Red Riding Hood. However, Little Red Riding Hood has not been so lucky in earlier versions of this tale. In Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's story, the wolf eats both Grandma and Red Riding Hood. While the wolf is sound asleep, a hunter passing by the house cuts open the wolf's stomach with a pair of scissors and frees Grandma and Red Riding Hood. In other stories, the wolf eats Grandma but Red Riding Hood is saved when a hunter kills the wolf with an arrow before he can eat her. In another ending, the wolf eats both Grandma and Red Riding Hood. This tragic ending may have been used to frighten children into learning the lesson of the story. What lessons do you think can be learned from this story?

Host: kyle hicks macdonald
Narrator: fred j dobbs
Illustrations: ps luo
Original story:the brothers Grimm