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My cat lives in Las Vegas

By Darby |

George is a very special cat,he knows things only people should know but he loves La Vegas,I found George on the busy highway leading to the glitz and buzz of the casino city.I took him home,he looked around and decided to stay,George is clever and prowls the fences of our apartments,he seems to know to avoid the danger of other people.

Did you hear that cat. No who Geroge the cat No tell me! Living with danni mongue She a cat who has SWAG.Look hes on the news LOOK. Reporting in.

George's favorite thing to play was the slot machine. Every single day he trotted in the casino and plopped down to play. One day he met another cat that also was addicted to gambling...and they fell in love. Her name was Crystal.

Crystal has wasted away her life savings playing the slots and losing at solitaire, but yet, George found her very attractive. He had always wanted a rich wife, so he could use her money to gamble, but heck! Crystal was beautiful...and she had a GREAT job...

Meanwhil in the shadows, someone was waiting for Crystal...

But george the kitten came back from the dead and stalked the llama into a dark ally way. He began tentively licking the llamas face purring continuously. Verrry nice said the llama How much? asked the llama oh its free just follow me said george. So george led the llama bak to his house. He took the llama to bed but when he pulled back the blankets who did he see? MICHAEL JACKSON !!! moral of the story? never go to bed with a cat!!!

"Michael Jackson! What are you doing here?" "I'm Fixing the bed" "oh! You're like my bestest Cleberity!!!" "Cool would you like me to do the moon walk?" "Yes please!"

After a while George found another cat that he liked. She was rich, she was beautiful and she was exactly the right cat to have kittens with.