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A Lesson Learned

"Do not get up from that table until you eat all of your vegetables young lady!" Mama said to me every night. Man, I hated vegetables, Why do kids have to eat them anyway? I used to sit in the dining room for hours, thinking of ways to get rid of them. | by Latisha Benton

I began to get ideas about how to exterminate the vegetables for all time. On a fall night in September 1998, I thought that if I could somehow create some kind of bug, or virus, that I could spread over crops throughout the world, I could get rid of the vegetables. Then, I remembered that I didn't have a science kit, so how could I create such a bug? Besides, I was no rocket scientist. Also, what would the bugs have eaten after their vegetable feast? | by Ryan Leigh

Everyday it seemed like we had to eat vegetables. i hate them | by Sam

I sat down in my room one night and thought and thought of how I could get rid of those vegetables. All of the sudden I had an idea! I remembered that my dad had lots of tools, lawn chemicals, and other things in his work shed. So I crept out of my house one night and got down to work. | by Christine

At first, it went all wrong.The chemicals spilled everywhere, and I didn't know how to use the tools.Then everything sorta pulled together. At last, my creation was compete. | by Laurelin

The next day my mom went to work early in the morning and my dad was at work too, so then I thought of a way to get to all of the vegtables. I built a car that flew and then I sprayed the chemicals all over every vegetable on earth. The farmers were mad but at least I didn't have to eat vegatables. The farmers so mad, guess what they did next? | by Nicole

The cleaned all the feilds and planted new vegetables. So, you know what I did? I'll tell you. I planted satelites in the sky that sprayed the vegetable killing chemicals 24/7 so no new vegetables can grow. I flew home and ate 5 gallons of ice cream with chocolate syrup and whip cream. Man, is life good. | by No.

After I finished the ice cream, I had a terrible stomach ache. I curled up in my bed and tried to sleep. But all of a sudden the TV in my room flipped on. It was a new reporter reporting from a farm. | by Sasha

"Today something terrible has happened. All the vegetable feilds in the world have stopped growing vegetables! There are no vegetables anywhere in the world! No one can grow more because chemicals are coming out of nowhere! Hopefully, our government will catch this crook and punish him. NBC news. You heard it hear first, folks." | by No.

"Ha!" I said out loud. : jumped up and put some music on. I danced around and suddenly all my stomach pains vanished. This is the best day of my life, I thought. Untill I heard a fierce knocking at the front door. | by No.

I knew it couldn't be my parents because they both worked untill very late on weekends and it was only 2:00pm. "Who is it?" I called, my hands on the handle. | by Sasha

"The FBI. Open up. We have reasons to believe that a certain Sasha Addams may have something to do with our sudden vegetable shortage." | by Buddy

I gulped. How could they know? What have I gotten myself into? "Umm she isn't home at the moment.." | by No.

just then they pused the door in. "Sasha Addams," they said, "you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one the state will appoint one to you. Do you understand?" | by No.

I slowly nodded my head. They handcuffed me and everything from there on until now has been a blur. They took me to a dim gray place and pushed me in a cell. I slept some and ate some stale bread with water. Now I sit across from a man in a suit who appears to be my attorney. | by Sasha

"Greeting. I am your attorney." | by No.

This guy sat so straight and looked so by-the-books I was just waiting for antenna to sprout from his head and for him to say, Take me to your leader. He didn't however. Much to my disapointment. I could have asked for a ride in his space ship and left earth (and vegetables) forever. | by No.

"I am Fred Korduff. How are you going to plead? I say guilty and we can plead insanity," Fred told me. I just looked at him. "I'm only 13. I'm a minor. Can they trial me in court?" I asked, a little scared. | by Sasha

"You are to be trailed as an adult," Fred told me without emotion. God, how much I am starting to dislike this guy. "I guess you can pick. you're the lawyer. you know best, right?" I told Fred. | by Buddy

The next sequence of things went by rather quickly. Fred planned out everything and now I sit before a judge. My trail went by quickly and now I look up at the judge, comtenplating my guilt inside his mind. | by No.

"Will the defense please rise," he stated. "I find you, Sasha addams, guilty of fraud, money laundering, food poisining and murder in the 1st degree! Your punishment: life in prision without parole. Everyday, all day, you will eat every kind of disgusting vegetable known to man!" | by No.

"What!" I exclaimed. "I didn't steal money or kill anyone!" I thought a moment. "And I thought I destroyed all the vegetables in the world. How can I get them?" | by No.

Suddenly, everyone in the courtroom began yelling "Sasha! Eat your vegetables! Sasha! eat your vegetables!" I held my hands to my ears and ran to the doors. The door wouldn't budge. "NOOOOO!!!!!" I screamed. | by No.

Before I knew what was happening, I looked around and I was back in the kitchen, looking at my plate of uneaten vegetables. My mother was standing there glaring at me. I must have fallen asleep because I've been here so long, refusing to eat my vegetables. Thank goodness it was all a dream. Quickly, I shoved spoonful after spoonful of vegetables in my mouth. I finished them all and ran into by room, shut the door, and hid under my covers. I will always eat my vegetables from now on, I thought. Just not the gross ones. | by Sasha